Awards 2012

Organization Amount
Santiam Heritage Foundation

Upgrading 1930's master bath in Brown House

Woodburn Art Center

KidsArt Program

Children’s Educational Theater

Financial assistance for needy students to participate in summer program

Gordon House Conservancy

Traveling architecture trunk for use in grade 4-7 math and science instruction

Gates Elementary School

Summer reading program

Mill City Middle School

Acoustic guitar instruction and performing experience

Willamette Heritage Center

Outreach program extension to summer programs for low income youth

Stayton Public Library Foundation

Outreach storyteller program

Gilbert House Children’s Museum

Enhanced Multicultural Discovery Night for schools

Aurora Colony Historical Society

Map, signage, and tours incorporating references to Kirkpatrick historical novels set in Aurora

Salem Multicultural Institute

Expanded youth cultural performances

Willamette Master Chorus

Veteran’s concerts

Native American Cross Cultural Assoc.

Tipi and sound system for performances

Willamette Valley Law Project

Painting of mural on farmworker history by youth, college students, and community